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Inked is a project featuring a set of 3 tattoo artists. Each characters's tattoos are inspired by their own culture and style.

Momoko's tattoos are inspired by Japanese pop culture while her fashion style reflects off Harajuku street wear. Paithoon is a Thai tattoo artists whose tattoos are inspired by Muay Thai Sak Yant tattoos. Yasemin on the other hand is a posh woman who rocks a more glamorous look with her Turkish floral patterns and naked Sphynx cats.


Alma is a story set in a cyberpunk afro-vodou world where the world is split by traditional Vodou belief and advanced technology powered by crystal energy. This project focuses on the main character's struggles with the two conflicting streams of belief.

Grand Cirque

The Grand Cirque is a steampunk themed concept based around a freak show ran by the Burns siblings. The siblings are ringleaders who run their circus with cruelty and put their performers through torturous training regimes.



Glimmer is a story about a little girl who encounters an angel amidst a family fight, but then later realises that the angel isn't who she truly is. This is a group project I took part in as the lead character designer.


Minang is a concept based of  Nusantaran Minangkabau culture. 
It is a story about the hardship of a poor old rice farmer and her pet buffalo, who is struggling to maintain and harvest the paddy field due to her old age.